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Technical efficiency and food security of cucumber farmers in Phulpur upazila of Bangladesh

Mohammad Ataur Rahman, Md Shoheb Talukder, Mezamun Ara Mukta

Department of Agricultural Finance, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh 2202, BANGLADESH

doi: 10.5455/faa.88557                                                         pp: 202 – 210


Low productivity of cucumber is mostly due to the inability of the farmers to utilize the available technologies fully, resulting in lower efficiency of production. Profitability and Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) are used to estimate profitability and technical efficiency and “Modified”  OECD scale is used to measure calorie intake level of the 60 cucumber farming households from Sorchapur and Nakagau villages under Phulpur upazila of Mymensingh district. The study has indicated that cucumber cultivation is profitable agribusiness, but many of the cucumber farms have shown technical inefficiency problems. The socioeconomic analysis showed that 50% of the respondents were aged between 30-45 years, 55% households have medium family size, 60% of the respondents were illiterate and 71.67% respondent’s primary occupation was agriculture. The average cucumber cultivated area was 50.18 decimal. The profitability analysis showed that the average per hectare per season yield was 45290 Kg., total cost of production was estimated Tk. 509847; while the gross margin and net return were Tk. 231877 and Tk. 169503, respectively. The study also showed that on an average, the mean technical efficiency of cucumber was 0.7367 represented that 26.33 % inefficiency existed in the study area. About 11.67% of the sample households consumed an average of 1539.24, here indicated they were ultra poor (<1600 About 15 % of the sample households consumed an average of 1797.13, they were in the hard-core poor group and 20.00 % of the households consumed an average 2277.53 k. cal./person/day, they were in the absolute poor group (1805- Besides the three poor groups, about 53.33% of the sample households consumed an average 2346.69, and they were non-poor. These findings suggest that providing training to farmers to be technically efficient would significantly improve cucumber production in the research location, and that the government should formulate appropriate food security policies for rural areas.

Keywords: Bangladesh, Cucumber production, Food security, Profitability, Technical efficiency

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