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Agronomic characterization of soybean and bambara groundnut genotypes grown on different soils of Lake Victoria Basin

Benson O Onyango1, Fredrick Otieno Ogolla2

1Department of Biological Sciences, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology, P.O. Box 210 40601, Bondo, KENYA
2Department of Biological Sciences, Chuka University, P.O. Box 109 60400, Chuka, KENYA

doi: 10.5455/faa.82652                                                     pp: 176 – 187


Neglect and under-utilization of legumes such as soybeans and bambara groundnuts are the reason for increased food insufficiency in the Lake Victoria basin. Diversification of legumes into the cropping systems of Lake Victoria basin ensures protein rich diets and improved soil fertility. This study was carried out to evaluate agronomic characters of two soybean varieties and two bambara groundnut landraces cultivated on different soils of Lake Victoria basin. Seeds of two bambara groundnut landraces; Kakamega Cream (KAKC) and Busia Brown (BUSB) were collected from farmers in Kakamega and Busia counties, respectively in Kenya. Soil sampling was done at selected farmers’ fields with no history of inoculation in Kisumu, Port Victoria, Kendu bay and Karungu within Lake Victoria basin. Screen house experiment was performed in plastic pots with two plants of each cultivar. Randomized Complete Block Design was used. Agronomic characters of BUSB and KAKC landraces differed significant (p<0.05). Bambara groundnuts performed better in Port Victoria and Kendu bay soils than Kisumu and Karungu. Agronomic performance of two soybean varieties SB19 and ‘Safari’ on soils from four sites in Lake Victoria basin was significant (p<0.05). Soybeans yield in Port Victoria and Kendu bay soils was better compared to Kisumu and Karungu soils. Agronomic performance of bambara groundnuts and soybeans were influenced by soil type. Port Victoria and Kendu bay soils resulted in better growth compared to Kisumu and Karungu soils. Landrace KAKC and SB19 had better agronomic performers and are recommended to farmers and seed companies for certified seed production

Keywords: Rhizobia, nodulation, soybean, bambara groundnut, landrace

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