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Studies on the performance of UC Davis chimney dryer on drying of jackfruit leather

Halima Khatun, Md Abdur Rahim, Md Ashraful Islam

>>Abstract        >>doi: 10.5455/faa.298497         >>PP: 661-670


An observation on the performance of UC (University of California) Davis chimney dryer on drying of leather was carried out at BAU–GPC, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, during February 2017-October 2017. Puree juice was prepared from two jackfruit varieties (viz. BAU Kathal–1, BAU Kathal–2) and placed on dryer trays with 0.50 cm and 1.0 cm thickness. The pureed juice was dried under two conditions, viz. UC Davis chimney dryer or at open condition with net (control). Required times to dry the jackfruit leather were significantly less (8.25 days) under UCD condition than that with net condition (12.75 days). Higher dry matter content (15.84%), final TSS (38.17 Brix%), storage time (247.75 days) were found in UCD than the those of net condition (13.67%, 0.00% and 24.42 days, respectively). Relative humidity and moisture content were higher (61.25% and 86.33%, respectively) in open with net than the UCD (44.79% and 84.16%, respectively). Leather thickness of 0.50 cm required less time (9.33 days) to dry than those with 1.0 cm thickness (11.67 days). Higher dry matter (18.22%) and longer storage (137.42 days) were observed with 0.50 cm leathers than those of 1.0 cm thick leather (11.29% and 134.75 days, respectively). The panel test confirmed higher quality of jackfruit leather (55.00% aroma, 57.0% color and 51.0% taste) under UCD than open with net condition (35.83%, 34.0% and 33.34%, respectively). Leather thickness of 0.50 cm gave higher values in panel test (50.0% aroma, 47.50% color and 48.00% taste) than those with 1.0 cm (40.48%, 44.00% and 36.33% respectively) thickness of jackfruit leather.

Keywords: UC Davis chimney dryer, variety, jackfruit leather, storage