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Development of composite biscuits supplementing with potato or corn flour

Pabitra Chandra Das, Md Suman Rana, Md Saifullah, Md Nazrul Islam

>>doi: 10.5455/faa.292438       >>PP: 443-459


The study was conducted to utilize the potato flour (PF) and corn flour (CF) for the preparation of biscuits with other necessary ingredients. The wheat flour (WF) was supplemented by the PF or CF with the amount of 10, 15 and 20%. The chemical analysis in wet weight basis (wb) showed that WF contained the highest amount of moisture (14.37%) and protein (11.46%), while PF had the highest ash (2.3%) and carbohydrate (81.3%) content among three flours. But, CF gave the highest fat content of 3.62% and energy of 370.1 Kcal/100 g. Physical characteristics of developed biscuits varied due to supplementation of PF or CF to WF. Chemical analysis showed that the control biscuits having 100% WF had the highest moisture content (4.91%), while the highest ash content (1.09%) was found in the sample containing 20% PF and 80% WF. The fat content increased and the protein content decreased with the increasing of PF or CF percentage. Sensory analysis of biscuits revealed that supplementation with 15% PF or CF achieved the best consumer acceptance.

Keywords: Biscuit, supplementation, potato flour, corn flour, wheat flour