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Abbreviated Title: Fundam. Appl. Agric.

Frequency: 4 Per Year (March, June, September and December)

Publisher: Farm To Fork Foundation

The Fundamental and Applied Agriculture (FAA) Journal is a broad-spectrum double blind peer-reviewed journal that welcomes high-quality submissions in all major areas of agricultural sciences. Studies are welcome at all levels of integration ranging from molecules and cells to organisms and their environments and are expected to use state-of-the-art methodologies. The FAA journal publishes several types of articles: Original Research Article, Review, Perspective Article, and Short Communication. While Review and Perspective Article are usually invited by the editor.

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Current Issue (Volume 4 Issue 2, June 2019) [In Progress]

[1] Potential benefits of dry direct seeded rice culture: A review

Md Moshiur Rahman

[Abstract]       [doi: 10.5455/faa.16534]         [PP:744-758]          [Download]

[2] Efficacy of 1-MCP on controlling ethylene sensitivity and extending vase life of sensitive and less sensitive cut orchid flowers

Parviz Almasi, Mahmud Tengku Muda Mohamed, Siti Hajar Ahmad, Alireza Noroozisharaf

[Abstract]      [doi: 10.5455/faa.16194]         [PP:759-768]          [Download]

[3] Genetic variability, correlation and path coefficient analysis for yield and yield components of selected lentil (Lens culinaris M.) genotypes

Md Mahmuduzzaman Chowdhury, Md Ashraful Haque, Md Abdul Malek, Md Rasel, Kamal Uddin Ahamed

[Abstract]      [doi: 10.5455/faa.21740]         [PP:769-776]          [Download]

[4] Comparative studies on germination and seedling growth of on-season and off-season produced jute seeds

Rashidul Islam, Md Solaiman Ali Fakir, M Abul Hossain

[Abstract]     [doi: 10.5455/faa.21740]         [PP:777-784]        [Download]

[5] Growth and yield of transplanted Aman rice cv. Binadhan-16 as influenced by seedling age and nitrogen fertilization at staggered transplanting

Jannatul Ferdous, Md Delwar Hossain, Md. Parvez Anwar, Zannatun Tazri

[Abstract]       [doi: 10.5455/faa.26627]         [PP:785-791]        [Download]

[6] Biorational management of tomato fruit borer, Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) in winter under field condition of Bangladesh

Dinasree Biswas, Mohammad Mahir Uddin, Masum Ahmad

[Abstract]        [doi: 10.5455/faa.20352]         [PP:792-797]        [Download]

[7] Quality aspects of some value added seaweed food and functional food products

Md Shirajul Islam Sarkar, Md Kamal, Muhammad Mehedi Hasan, Md Ismail Hossain

[Abstract]       [doi: 10.5455/faa.21851]         [PP:798-805]      [Download]

[8] Indirect shoot organogenesis of a valuable medicinal plant Paederia foetida L. using nodal explants

Totan Kumar Ghosh, Samia Haque Binto, Jalal Uddin Ahmed, S M Zubair Al-Meraj, Mohammad Zahangeer Alam

[Abstract]        [doi: 10.5455/faa.24912]       [PP:806-814]      [Download]

[9] Weed seed distribution at different depths of soil in a crop field

Nur-e-Jannat, Mahfuza Begum, Md Abdus Salam, Sirajam Monira

[Abstract]       [doi: 10.5455/faa.19969]       [PP:815-822]       [Download]

[10] Impact of adopting salt tolerant rice varieties in the coastal areas of Bangladesh

Mohammad Rashidul Haque, Razia Sultana, Md Habibur Rahman, Syful Islam, Ahmed Khairul Hasan

[Abstract]        [doi: 10.5455/faa.19122]       [PP:823-828]       [Download]

[11] Morphological and physicochemical characterization of Burmese grape (Baccaurea ramiflora Lour.)

Nahida Akter, Emrul Kayesh, M Mofazzal Hossain, Mohammad Saiful Alam

[Abstract]       [doi: 10.5455/faa.24065]       [PP:829-838]       [Download]