Fundamental and Applied Agriculture [A Farm to Fork Foundation Publication] Welcomes Submission for Volume 5 Issue 3 to be Published in September 2020

About Us

Who we are?

Farm to Fork Foundation’ was established in January 2016 to provide quality technical support to the farming community of Bangladesh for increased productivity and better livelihood of the farmers. The expert team of “Farm to Fork Foundation”, comprising professionals from the fields of Crop Science, Livestock and Fisheries, acts as the bridge between NGOs and academic/research institutes to implement their program at farmers’ level. Expert team members are highly experienced and qualified professionals in their own field, who work for the agricultural development of Bangladesh to ensure her food and nutritional security. The highly dedicated and motivated staff members are fully committed to building the skill and technical capacity of poor farmers to create wealth for them in order to improve their livelihoods.  The foundation is also committed in the dissemination of research findings and views of the researchers among the academicians, scientists, extension workers, policy makers and others involved in agriculture sector. All the staff and expert team members of the foundation provide voluntary service and do not receive any sorts of remuneration or facilities.


The goals of the ‘Farm to Fork Foundation’ are i) to improve the socio-economic status of the rural vulnerable people in general and resource poor farmers in particular of Bangladesh, ii) to support the under-privileged students involved in higher education and research in the field of Agriculture, and iii) to disseminate new knowledge and research findings on agricultural science through its official journal Fundamental and Applied Agriculture.


To promote sustainable agricultural development of Bangladesh in order to improve the livelihood of the farming community and to support under-privileged students of Agricultural Science through providing technical assistance, training, advisory services and knowledge dissemination.


  1. To generate more wealth by the resource poor farmers of Bangladesh by updating their agricultural knowledge, upgrading their skills and improving their capacities so that they can effectively manage their available resources.
  2. To offer financial support to the under-privileged student of agricultural science with high potentiality so that they can contribute to agricultural development of Bangladesh in future.
  3. To disseminate important research findings of agricultural science among academicians, researchers, extension workers and policy makers to facilitate quick adoption of potential agro-technologies.

The Foundation will meet her vision and mission through partnership with, Government Organizations, Educational / Research institutes, Non-government Organizations.


As per approved constitution of “Farm to Fork Foundation”, the General Advisory Committee is managed all activities of the Foundation in collaboration with seven members Executive Committee headed by the President of Executive Committee. The project activities, policy and planning of “Farm to Fork Foundation” are prepared by the Executive Committee headed by the President and approved by the General Committee under the guidance of Advisory board. The Executive Committee is elected/approved by the General Committee. The duration for Executive Committee is only 2 years.

The Executive Committee upon approval by the General Advisory Committee selects the President. The President carries out the all the activities of “Farm to Fork Foundation” with other Executive Committee members. The President is accountable to the Executive Committee, General Committee and Advisory board of the “Farm to Fork Foundation”. Besides the relevant professionals, the President through our set guidelines procures all relevant and required staffs. The plan of activities is implemented according to the guidelines of the organization through the field personnel and assures the best quality of outputs. The hierarchy is strictly maintained according to the organogram of organization- “Farm to Fork Foundation”.


The “Farm to Fork Foundation” is governed by the following two committees:

General Advisory Committee

The General Advisory Committee consists of 13 members representing different sectors of the society who are committed to the vision and mission of  foundation. The General Advisory Committee sits once in a year in the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The committee approves annual progress report, audit report and budget after thorough discussion and put recommendations on working plan and strategies for next year.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, approved by General Advisory Committee, consists of 7 members who executes  the working plan to achieve the visiona and mission of the foundation.

Executive Body

President – 1

Vice-President – 2

General Secretary – 1

Joint Secretary – 1

Treasurer – 1

Members – 7

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